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Graduation Movie | Lucerne University | 3'31'' | 16:9 2K
DCP 5.1 | 2018

A film as a theater play, the animator as an actor and snow in a black room.

Making of

The film plays between the reality of stop motion and the fiction of filmmaking. Using 3D printing and 3D scanning I have created a puppet of myself.


Director, Animation, Script: Loïc Kreyden  

Sound Design: Etienne Kompis

Mix: Thomas Gassmann

Foleys: Dieter Hebben 

Voices: Estelle Gattlen, Sarah Röthlisberger

3D Artists: Wesllen Gschwind, Liam Carter, Ramona Graf 

3D Print: Stefan Lustenberger 

Costumes: Simone Cole, Laura Nietlispach 

Set: Valentine Moser, Geena Gasser 

Color Correction: Robin Angst

Credits: Silvio Meessen

Tutors: Francois Chalet, Paul Bush, Ted Sieger

Tutor Thesis: Christian Gasser 

Assistant: Daniela P. Meier, Jane Mumford 

Line Production: Lea Hunziker

Technical Support: Jean First, Jeroen Vissier, Ignasi Duelo

Promotion: Chantal Molleur  

Production: Hochschule Luzern Design&Kunst - Jürgen Haas  

Executive Producer: Gerd Gockell  

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